Oxygen to save the lives of countrymen

VokhtogaLesDrev donated oxygen concentrators to Vokhtoga hospital.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for medical oxygen has increased manifold. Patients with severe COVID-associated pneumonia quite often need artificial lung ventilation. Where to get medical oxygen for the district hospital when all the limits are exhausted?

Socially responsible business comes to the rescue. In our case this is LLC VokhtogaLesDrev, whose management was approached by the head of the district, Sergey Fyoklichev, and the head of the district hospital of Vokhtoga settlement, Oksana Piterakova.

 «The founders of the company – JSC “Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group of Companies” and JSC “Cherepovetsky Plywood and Furniture Mill” responded to the request for help and helped us to purchase two oxygen concentrators», – Alexander Govorushko, the general director of the company, explained.

«The device provides a constant air flow of 10 liters per minute. At the same time, the air saturation with oxygen is 93 %, – commented Oksana Piterakova, head of the district hospital in Vokhtoga settlement. – Concentrators can be used both in a hospital and in an ambulance. Thank you very much for such a needed and timely gift».

The equipment totaling 210 thousand rubles was delivered from St. Petersburg, and on the same day it was donated to the district hospital. As of today, the equipment has been tested and is being used as intended. We hope that it will help save many lives.