Product type Grade Length Diameter
Birch balance 1-2 6 m, 4 m  
Spruce balance 1-2, 3 6 m, 4 m  
Veneer log 1-2 3,2 m, 3,9 m, 4,8 m, 5,2 m from 18 cm
Pine sawlog 1-2 6,1 m, 4,1 m from 14 cm
Spruce sawlog/pine thin dimension   4,1 m from 14 cm


Delivery is possible by rail, road and water transport on different delivery terms – FCA/FOB/CPT.
Shipment is made from the warehouses of the enterprises: in Vozhegodsky, Verkhovazhsky, Vytegorsky, Velikoustyugsky districts of the Vologda region; Velsky, Ustyansky districts of the Arkhangelsk region.

Terminals are located in Kadnikovsky, Kharovsk, Lomovatka, Velsk, Loiga, Oktyabrsky. Delivery by railway and motor transport is possible from these terminals.
Terminals in Vytegra district, delivery by water and motor transport.