Our woodworking plants are equipped with modern high-performance equipment and produce a wide range of spruce and pine lumber. All products of standard quality grades meet the requirements of GOST 26002-83 and GOST 8486-86. The standard humidity of sawn timber is 18% (+/-2%) according to GOST 16588-91 (ISO 4470-81). All the products are produced in the packages with the same cross-section and length, packed into the film on 5 sides and tied with at least three tapes. All products are shipped on liners to allow unloading by forklift.

Timber distribution by length

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Special sawing scheme

Special drying
Upon agreement with a customer we produce sawn timber with humidity of 12%, 14%, 16% for joinery and furniture industry.
Non-standard cross-sections
As agreed with the customer we produce sawn timber of non-standard cross-sections which are as close as possible to the final product cross-sections and allow them to reduce consumption of raw material in their own production.

Examples of non-standard sizes, mm
28 x 152/183/212
31 x 130
35 x 100/115/125/138/150
39 x 240
42 x 100/125/150
44 x 85/138
45 x 90/108/110/148/150/170/198/200
50 x 115
56 x 125/150

Minimum delivery volume when ordering non-standard cross-sections – 130 m3

Standard lumber sections

Standard lengths: 3.0 – 6.0 m in 30 cm increments

Geography of lumber sales 2020