Technological chips are used in pulp and paper production and hydrolysis, in the manufacture of chipboard and fiberboard.

Chips (spruce/pine in the ratio of 80/20)
Grade Mass fraction of bark/bark rot
Ц-1 1,0 / 1,0
Ц-2 1,5 /3,0
Ц-3 3,0 / 7,0


Delivery is possible by rail, road and water transport under different delivery terms – FCA/FOB/CPT.
Shipping is made from the company’s warehouses: in Vozhegodsky, Verkhovazhsky, Vytegorsky, Velikoustyugsky districts of the Vologda Region; in Velsky, Ustyansky districts of the Arkhangelsk Region.

Terminal located in Kharovsk, delivery by railway and motor transport.
Terminal in Vytegra, delivery by water and motor transport.