VLP is a vertically integrated holding for timber harvesting and processing.

It is a dynamically developing Russian timber holding with a full cycle of logging and deep wood processing, which is in the TOP-50 largest timber companies in Russia. It has logging companies, sawmills operating in 12 districts of the Vologda region, as well as trading, transport and leasing companies.

Besides, Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group of Companies together with Cherepovetsky Plywood and Furniture Mill on parity conditions owns the enterprises VokhtogaLesDrev LLC, Sheksninsky Wood Boards Plant LLC as well as constructs a new plant Plitwood LLC.

The Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki group of companies is the largest forest user in the Vologda Oblast. For the purpose of timber felling, the companies of the Group have been granted long-term lease on about 1 million hectares of forest area and a calculated timber cutting area of 2.3 million cubic meters. All the timber plots are certified according to FSC standards.

The Group of Companies is a responsible employer and taxpayer, initiating a number of social projects aimed at improving the well-being of the Vologda Oblast residents.

Adhering to the principles of high social responsibility, it traditionally pays special attention to the creation of a favorable social environment at its enterprises and in the areas of presence.

Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group has an impeccable reputation and well-established principles of work with customers. Every year it is actively developing, the production figures are growing, investment projects are also successfully realized.

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