The results of another competition – “Collective bargaining agreement – the basis for the protection of social and labor rights of employees” – have been summarized.

LLC VokhtogaLesDrev became the winner in the nomination “The Best Collective Agreement in non-budgetary organizations with an average headcount of 201 to 700 employees”.

A collective bargaining agreement is a regulatory act containing the principles and rules of law governing social and labor relations. It is the result of law-making activity of social partners.

VokhtogaLesDrev collective bargaining agreement for 2021-2024 was executed in November 2021 in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. It defines the mutual obligations of employees and the employer and establishes additional socio-economic, legal and professional guarantees, benefits and advantages for employees.

Alexander Govorushko, Managing Director of VokhtogaLesDrev LLC:

“Taking care of the team is one of the most important tasks of the enterprise’s management. Material and non-material incentives for employees have an impact on labor productivity, help the collective feel their security and look to the future with great optimism.